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Awit Galaw Obra Sining ng Pakil


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Latests news on AGOS
         AGOS went lay-low for a while due to different circumstances like going on to college and being busy with each others business. The result is, no members on AGOS studio, no hang outs and no happenings around. But while the older members of AGOS are busy with their own lives, MINI AGOS rule the stage and shine the spotlight on Pakil events.
       MINI AGOS, a branch of AGOS that trains elementary students of pakil to develop their talents, overcome their insecurities, have self-confidence and learn new things. It had started on the height of AGOS regime here on pakil, the group was chosen by auditioning to acting, dancing and singing. Each kid that auditioned, was then group to their respective groups ( acting, singing, dancing) which they are common or to which they have strengths.
      Started during the pre-summer days, MINI AGOS ruled the stage, each conquering the audience with their moves and great vocals. Pakil events was then specialized with this kids whom, independently can choreograph on their own. These kids are really awesome in the sense of being just a kid who likes to perform to the audience. They are really clever and talented kids with a lot of guts to show the people that even being a kid they can do something to help the community, especially their home town.
      For starters, they've practice almost everyday.  Then conquer the stage on the day of the presentation and receive outstanding reviews from the audience and fellow members. They performed on high social gatherings, particularly in front of our beloved Governor of Laguna- Governor Ningning Lazaro and other elite group of the the province. Their latest performance was on the night of May 29, Araw ng Pakil, which includes our Mayor and other officials of our town.
       These kids show the real meaning of being a kid. "Just have fun" as they say.they dance with passion and sing with honor in the sense of being just a kid. We all know that childhood is the stage we'll never forget and that my friends, is what they are doing, making the most out of it. Small in size yet a big surprise, these kids are really awesome. More power and stay cool, kids!!!!!