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Awit Galaw Obra Sining ng Pakil

Constitution and By-laws

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Here's more than you probably want to know about us...


Awit, Galaw, Obra, at Sining (AGOS) ng Pakil





            We the members of AGOS ng Pakil, with the help of Almighty God and people around us, in order to have an organization that shall embody our ideas, develop our talents, enhance our creativity and foster camaraderie among us; to prepare ourselves for efficient service to our Nation and humanity, do ordain and promulgate this Constitution and By-Laws as our guide and inspiration.







Section 1.        Name:             The organization shall be known as the Awit, Galaw, Obra, at Sining (AGOS) ng Pakil.


Section 2.        Domicile:        The principal office of the organization shall be at Vista Residence, #159 Burgos St., Pakil Laguna.







The goal of the organization shall be to promote the policies and principles set forth in the foregoing PREAMBLE.


The organization shall work on the following specific objectives.


  1. To develop performing art in West and East of Pakil.
  2. To train its members to be good performer as actors/actresses, singers, and dancers.
  3. To develop mental and physical strengths of its members.
  4. To organize activities that shall contribute to welfare of the people as well as the members.
  5. To foster camaraderie among its members, and
  6. To use all lawful means to carry out these objectives.





Section 1.        CLASSIFICATION:


            Members in the organization shall be categorized as Pioneer, Regular and Honorary.


a.       PIONEER members are the founding members of the organization;

b.      REGULAR members are those duly initiated and accepted into the organization;

c.       HONORARY members are performing artists who have rendered great service to the organization.





            a.   REGULAR:            Any bonafide resident of Pakil who can act, sing, dance, and perform on stage is qualified for membership in the organization, and will be a lifetime member of the organization.  Provided he/she was unanimously voted by the members j. i. e. if at least one of the members reject him/her, he/she will be rejected by the organization.


            b.   HONORARY:       Any qualified persons as defined in Section 1 of this Article shall considered for honorary membership.





            The Membership committee shall screen any applicant for regular membership by means of audition.







Section 1.        DUTIES OF MEMBERS


            Every members of the organization shall have the following duties;


a.       Uphold and abide with the provisions of the Constitution and By-laws of the organization as well as the resolutions and decisions of the organization and its officers.

b.      Keep secret all confidential matter of the organization.

c.       Do faithfully and promptly all his/her obligations, whether social, financial and moral.

d.      Attend meetings and participate actively in all activities of the organization.





            Every members of the organization shall have the following privileges.


a.       Vote and be voted to any position in the organization.

b.      Enjoy equal protection, rights, and opportunities before the organization.

c.       Avail himself of the services of any member of the organization to act as his/her counsel when he/she is on trial by the ruling body.

d.      Express any opinion on any action or project.

e.       Members may use the property of the organization.

f.        Request the President to call for a special meeting if such meeting is necessary and in the interest of the organization.





a.       Any members maybe fined, suspended, expelled for persistent and willful disloyalty, lack of interest, gross violations of any provision, non-payment of dues and other acts grossly inimical to the interest of the organization.

b.      A member may be disciplined through suspension or expulsion by two-thirds vote of the members of the ruling body present in a meeting called for that purpose.  A member who is suspended shall lose his privileges.


It is provided further, that the resident members together with their advisers shall constitute the ruling body.




            The President in coordination with the Advisers shall institute mechanism to upgrade the competence of its members and commend outstanding accomplishments of the same in artistic and non-artistic undertakings.  The ruling body, however may also give due recognition to other members of the organization as it deems appropriate.











Section 1.        COMPOSITION:


            The officers shall be the governing body of the organization.  It shall be composed of the following positions:


a.       President

b.      Vice President

c.       Secretary

d.      Treasurer

e.       Auditor

f.        P.R.O.

g.       Advisers



Section 2.        QUALIFICATIONS:


            Nominees to the above-mentioned positions, except for the Advisers must have the following qualifications:


a.       That he/she has shown great interest to serve the organization.

b.      That he/she is capable of doing the job that the position demands.





Nominations shall be done should be done during the election proper.  Election shall be conducted through secret balloting in a meeting called for that purpose.

Proclamation of elected officers shall be made immediately after election by the Election Committee.





            The duly elected officers shall hold office for one year or shall assume office immediately upon election.  In case of vacancy the ruling body shall elect a new officer to fill up the vacated position except for the position of the President whereby the Vice President shall automatically occupy the position and a new Vice President shall be elected.


Section 5.        IMPEACHMENT


            Any officer may be impeached for reasons of inefficiency and or other changes cited in Section 3 Article 4 of this Constitution and By-laws.




Section 1.        THE PRESIDENT


            Shall be the Executive officer of the organization, He/ She shall


a.       Convene and preside over all meetings of the organization

b.      Exercise general supervision and control over all the activities of the organization.

c.       Sign all resolutions, communications and papers of the organization.

d.      Represent the organization in his official capacity as President in all occasions where the organization needs representations.

e.       Decide all questions and order.

f.        Call special meetings if necessary.

g.       Appoint the chairpersons of different standing committees.

h.       Delegate his duties to the Vice President when circumstances call for it.

i.         Present a written report of the status of the organization to the ruling body at the end of his term of office before the next set of officers is elected.

j.        To appoint qualified members to other positions as the need arises.

k.      Perform all other duties incident to his office or position.



Section 2.        THE VICE PRESIDENT


Take over the functions of the office of the President whenever that office is vacant.  He shall act as chairperson of the Membership Committee.  He shall perform other duties and functions as the President may assign him/her from time to time.



Section 3.        THE SECRETARY


a.       Keep the minutes of all the meetings, records and communications of the organization.

b.      Certify with the President all acts of the organization.

c.       Keep the members and advisers of the organization informed on all meetings and activities.

d.      Turn over all records to his/her successor at the end of his/her term, and

e.       Performed other duties assigned by the President.






Section 4.        THE TREASURER


a.       Keep the finances of the organization including all records thereof

b.      Disburse for group activities with the approval of the President.

c.       Collect all fees and fines.

d.      Deposit in the name and to the credit of the organization in such bank(s) as may be designated all money, funds and similar valuable effects, and

e.       Prepare and submit a financial report duly audited and signed by any member and approved by the President at the end of his/her term, and as the need arises.



Section 5.        THE AUDITOR


            Audit all financial reports of done by the Treasurer of the organization as the need arises.



Section 6.        THE P.R.O.


            Shall be the overall chairperson of the standing committees.  He/She shall…


a.       Recommend such affairs or activities that shall be undertaken by the organization.

b.      Recommend to the President a change or suspension of the chairman in any of the standing committees for reasons of inefficiency.

c.       Performed other duties assigned by the President.

d.      Prepare and present to the body at the end of his term a report of all activities undertaken by the organization.



Section 7.        THE ADVISERS


            Shall attend all meetings and functions, and membership meetings, pass judgment on the minute and all activities, social or educational, and shall guide the organization in proper procedures during meetings.












            The President shall appoint the chairperson and at least two (2) members to each committee except the membership committee which is automatically chaired by the Vice President.




            Announce the admission of new members to the organization and screen Applicants qualification according to Article III Section 2 of this Constitution and By-laws.

            Present to the ruling body a detailed program of activities from recruitment to the final rites and to supervise, with the guidance of the President and Advisers, the proper conduct of these activities, and

            Screen prospective Honorary members and recommend them to the ruling body during one of its meetings for approval.



Section 2.        ELECTION COMMITTEE


            This committee shall take charge of all matters pertaining organization elections.





            Shall take charge of all matters, activities, programs pertaining organizations project in or with relation in acting or theater arts.



Section 4.        MUSIC COMMITTEE


            Supervise all music activities of the organization with the guidance of the President.

            Keep all music equipments / instruments of the organization and cause their turnover to next committee members.



Section 5.        DANCE COMMITTEE


            Supervise all matters, activities of the organization in or with relation in dancing.








            A regular meeting shall be held at least twice a month however causes special or emergency meetings may be called anytime by the President.



Section 2.        QUORUM


            The presence in person of majority of the members of the ruling body in any meeting shall constitute a quorum.



Section 3.        ORDER OF BUSINESS


            The order of business shall be:

a.       Invocation

b.      Roll call

c.       Approval of the Agenda

d.      Reading and Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting

e.       New Business

f.        Others

g.       Adjournment



Section 4.        TARDINESS


            Any member coming to a regular or special meeting or to a major or minor activity of the organization fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled time shall be considered as late.  However an advance notice of coming late may be forwarded to the Secretary who shall present it to the body.  In case the concerned member is not able to do so, he/she shall immediately justify his coming late after the activity otherwise he/she shall be penalized with P10.00 for every commission thereof.  The Treasurer shall collect the fines of the concerned member.



Section 5.        ABSENCES


            Any absences from a scheduled meeting or activity may be excused, provided, a note of excuse shall be forwarded to the Secretary in advance and present it to the body for scrutiny.  An absence shall be considered as excused if the body, by simple majority vote, finds the reasons meritorious or justifiable, otherwise it shall be classified as unexcused.

            Any excused absence from any meeting or activity shall be penalized with P20.00.  Provided, that any member who shall commit three (3) consecutive unexcused absences shall be subjected to suspension over a period of time to be determined by the ruling body.

            A disciplinary action shall be imposed in accordance with Article IV Section 3 of this Constitution and By-laws.








            The organization shall procure funds through these following ways:

a.       Joining contest and competitions

b.      Contracting shows for example; Cultural shows, Variety shows or Theater Arts presentations.

c.       Conducting workshops in performing arts, acting, singing and dancing.

d.      Sponsorship and Solicitations.


The organization will hold presentations/shows from time to time especially during special occasions like Pistang Bayan and Pistang Lupi.


The group will join contest and competitions anything that is beyond the expertise of the group in performing arts.


The group will get funds in conducting workshops that offer services like acting, singing and dancing.


A certain percentage of income will go to the group funds.


The group will also get financial support from different foundations and institutions like LAHACO , National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) which support Art Groups.







            Proposed amendments by any member of the organization to any par (s) of this Constitution and By-laws shall be forwarded to the body for study and approval.  A two-thirds vote of the ruling body will automatically approve any amendment.




            This CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS shall become effective upon approval by a two-thirds vote of the members of the ruling body present in a meeting called for that purpose.






                                                                 BERNARD A. VISTA

                                                             AGOS Founding President 








                                              Bernard Vista













Florence V. Celemin

Ascen Vito

Iņigo Vito



No. of members:

Juniors AGOS            -  45 boys & girls

Mini AGOS                -  32 boys & girls




Awit, Galaw, Obra, at Sining (A.G.O.S.) ng Pakil

Pakil, Laguna




AGOS  - daloy ng tubig, at pwede rin daloy ng panahon.

Ang Awit, Galaw, Obra, at Sining o AGOS ng Pakil ay isang samahan ng mga pinagsamang nag-aaral at di-nag-aaral na kabataan sa Pakil, Laguna.  Isang samahan na binubuo ng mga kabataang may talento sa pag-awit, pagsayaw, pag-arte, paggguhit o pagpinta, pagsulat ng dula at tula, at iba pang may kinalaman sa sining.  AGOS sapagkat layunin at nais ng samahan na maging kaakibat sa pagsasalarawan at pangangalaga ng sariling kultura at sining, sabay sa agos at daloy ng panahon.


Natatag at Nabuo:                                         Mayo 11, 2004

Bilang ng kasapi sa kasalukuyan:                75 na kasapi (babae at lalaki)





Over all Champion, Best in Street Dancing,

and Peoples Choice Award                                          April 20, 2004 / Pakil, Laguna


Street Dancing Exhibition (an invitation)             April 30, 2004/ Bay, Laguna


First Runner-up Street Dancing Competition

136th Birthday Anniv. of  Jose P.Rizal               June 24, 2004/ Calamba City,Laguna


Performed a Cultural Presentation                                 July 25, 2004/ Sta Ana,

San Pablo City, Laguna


Conduct Dance Workshop                                           August 2004/ Mabitac, Laguna


Performed a Cultural Dance                                          September 15, 2004

Town Fiesta, Pakil Laguna


Present a Cultural Show/ Variety Show             October 19, 2004

                                                                                    Grand Turumba Fest, Pakil Laguna


Annual Marian Festival 2004

Turumba Street Dancers                                               Dec. 5, 2004/ Intramuros Manila


First Place/ Best in Costume

WALISTIK Street Dancing Competition                       January 14, 2005

Lipa City, Batangas


6th Place- Ani ng Laguna (ANILAG)

Festival                                                                         March 10, 2005/ Sta Cruz, Laguna


Guest Performer

Cultural Show (Philippine Folk to Modern Dances)      

Street Dancing Exhibition                                              April 28 & 29, 2005/ Bay, Laguna


GUEST PERFORMER                                                in all activities / celebrations in Pakil





FUTURE PLAN of the Group

1.      Form a Theatre Art Group

2.      Show the KOMEDYA in 2006

3.      Form and train Cultural Dancer Group like the BAYANIHAN Dancers of the Philippines

4.      Grant a scholarship to any member that have financial problem to continue their education, and

5.      Give the out of school youth a job